Urgent Need

The alert that the Pike House was of concern came in March 2018
when FPCC announced a Request for Information (RFI) for two FPCC
properties, one being the Pike House.
The original RFI stated:
“The Forest Preserve District of Cook County (“District”) is seeking
information and ideas from partners or non-profit organizations
related to the existing buildings at 91st Street in Dan Ryan Woods
and 165 Algonquin in Spring Creek Preserve. This Request for
Information (RFI) is being issued strictly for the purpose of gaining
knowledge and creative ideas for utilizing these two buildings and
estimates of their corresponding costs. This RFI should not be
construed as intent, commitment, or promise to acquire services,
supplies, or solutions offered. The responses to this RFI may be
utilized to develop a comprehensive Request for Proposals (RFP)
and allow those interested to bid on the project in the future.”
The RFI did not commit to the restoration of the Pike House, but there
was no indication that the building was going to be demolished. The
FPCC stated it was seeking a partner interested in adapting the
house for new uses.
The Project Description of the RFI stated:
“The District is soliciting information from any party (e.g., educational
institutions, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, etc.) interested in
partnering with the District to manage or coordinate these facilities.
Potential activities could include office and meeting space or
educational uses. This is just a small list of recommended offerings
and the District may be open to other types of recreational activities,
programs and usage that further the District’s mission.”
The document referenced a draft feasibility study from March 2017
that is attached to this application.
The feasibility study stated:
“This existing Watchman’s Residence, located at 1826 W. 91st
Street, is surrounded on three sides by the Dan Ryan Woods Forest
Preserve. The Forest Preserve District of Cook County is considering
options for adaptive reuse of this 1894 house which is currently
vacant. The house is located in a National Register Historic District
and identified as a contributing building.
“Kuklinski+Rappe Architects was commissioned to prepare this
feasibility study, evaluate the physical condition, key issues and code
constraints related to reuse, and identify potential options to convert
the house to an alternative use.”